Workflow Enactment Permissions

Edit workflow enactment permissions

To edit the enactment permissions of a workflow, double click the process shape and edit the enactment permissions from the properties panel.


Enactment permissions can be defined against a workflow to control which groups and (by membership of these groups) agents are able to enact the workflow on a ticket.  If the workflow has enactment permissions, then the current agent must be a member of one of the groups defined by these enactment permissions.  If the agent is not in an enactment permission group, then the Flowset assistant app will be disabled and the agent will not be able to transition the ticket through this workflow.

Edit enactment permission

Click the enactment permission add (or edit if permissions already exist) button to edit the permissions.  A modal is displayed showing a list of all the groups defined in Zendesk.  Select each group whose members are allowed to enact this workflow on a ticket.  If there are no enactment permission groups selected, then any agent can enact the workflow.  It is possible to define enactment permissions at a transition or activity level.  If these lower level permissions are defined then they override those defined at the workflow level.  


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