Renaming Stop Shapes

Why give a name to a stop shape?

When a running workflow comes to an end, this is effectively when you transition from an activity to the stop.  Normally this will be presented in the ticket sidebar app as a transition labeled 'Finish Workflow'.  If instead you'd like this finishing transition to be labelled differently, you can change the name of the stop shape.  The runtime will then use this name instead of 'Finish Workflow'


In the example shown, there are two stop shapes on the diagram.  The top one has not been renamed and when the workflow comes to an end via this stop, the transition will be displayed as 'Finish Workflow'.  When the workflow ends via the bottom stop (e.g. a transition from the Change Definition activity), the the transition will be labelled 'No Change Needed' in the ticket sidebar app.

To change the name of the stop, double click the stop shape and then edit the name in the property editor that appears on the right of the screen.  The new name is displayed under the stop shape on the diagram.

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