Deleting Workflows

  • Only inactive workflow defintions can be deleted
  • You cannot delete a workflow definition is another adminstrator owns a lock on it
  • Deleting a workflow defintion permanently removes all associated workflow diagrams
  • You should carefully consider the runtime implications of deletion.
  • Tickets still running the workflow will no longer be able to and will need to have the workflow removed.

The "Delete" Command

A workflow definition must first be deactivated before it can be deleted.

To delete a workflow definition, locate its entry on the "Inactive" tab and click the pop up menu at its right hand end  popupmenu.png



Select the "Delete" option from the resulting popup menu



A warning confirmation modal dialog appears :


 If you are happy to proceed click, "Yes".

The modal dialog disappears and the Inactive list refreshes to show that the "Simple Procurement" workflow definition has been deleted.






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