Announcing Granular Mandatory Control

We are delighted to announce an enhancement to the mandatory when visible capability on Formset (Conditionality) that now supports the ability to define this property on a per-rule basis.

To recap, the Formset mandatory capability replaces the agent Required on Solve property on the Zendesk native configuration for a field, so that this requirement is only applied if the field is visible. Formset also extends mandatory options to enable you to choose to make the field mandatory on edit/creation.

Previously, we implemented mandatory on visible on a global basis. This worked well in most cases, but it did not allow for the situation for where mandatory was required in some scenarios and not in others.

In crafting a solution for the need for more granular control, we also took the opportunity to make the configuration of mandatory clearer. Indeed, the previous configuration interface was occasionally interpreted by some as being rule-based. To rectify this situation and requiring no configuration data migration, a new Mandatory tab has been added for the global settings of fields:




No action is required for your existing configurations if you do not wish to take advantage of this new feature, just be aware that the place where you set this property is now here.

This enhancement now enables rule-based setting on the mandatory property on the configuration tab:




Where no global mandatory setting has been made, a specific rule-based mandatory configuration can be defined in the usual way. To help differentiate them, the star is colored yellow supported by a message in the dropdown.

Where a global mandatory setting has been made, the icon will indicate the setting, but you won't be able to directly override i.e. the methods are mutually exclusive.

To convert from global to rule-specific, first, unselect the global setting and then proceed to set rule-specific mandatory.

A handy feature of the global mandatory settings is that fields that are subject to rule-specific control are labelled as such together with a list and link to where those rules are set. This aids traceability of the configuration and understanding of where a field can have different behaviours under different circumstances.




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