Aggregating Workflows using Zendesk View

All tickets managed with Flowset include a number of control fields that enable the use of native Zendesk Views to be configured to see an aggregated viewpoints.

The following fields are automatically generated by Flowset, all of which are hidden by Flowset in the ticket UI:

  • [Flowset] Case Type - Top (parent) | Sub (chid/sub-ticket]
  • [Flowset] Activity Blocked - Not Blocked | Partially Blocked | Blocked
  • [Flowset] Notify Unblocked - Notify

The Activity Blocked & Notify Unblocked fields are populated if the Workflow configuration options are enabled - See Workflow Zendesk Integration

In addition to the above common universal control fields, each workflow generates a control field per Workflow:

  • [Flowset] e.g. Onboarding - <drop-down values for each of the Activities)

In this way, it's possible to know on a per-ticket basis, the Workflow name and the current Activity on both the parent and child tickets.

The Activity Blocked field data will enable further filtering/indicator flag to spot where tickets are waiting on child tickets. The Notify Unblocked field is a method, used in conjunction with a trigger you could write to notify immediately the parent ticket assignee that their ticket has become unblocked. 


Parent Ticket Views

This is the type of view that can be achieved for parent level tickets:


The view can be grouped by Activity to segment by the relative stage each workflow is at.

The conditions used for such a view are:


Where the variable of each workflow view is the Flowset workflow named field.


Child Ticket Views

Where the workflow creates child tickets, this type of view can be configured to track the status of those children tickets:


The view is again grouped by Activity to similarly segment by each of the children ticket types.

The conditions used for such a view are



Unfortunately, due to the limitations of Zendesk Views, it's no possible to express one-to-many associations in one view, only flat records. As such, a view is needed for each dimension.


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