Formset Overview

What is Formset?

Formset manages the control and the visibility of fields and field options values.

This means that Formset facilitates the hiding of unnecessary information until such time as it becomes relevant to the user. This helps you to declutter interfaces and focus attention on the most important details.

Agent Experience

This is an example of the agent experience of conditionality at work:


Depending on the selection of a parent field, child fields will appear. They may also appear with a restricted set of option values. 

Accessing the Formset screen




Accessing the Configuration Screen:

Click on Formset icon (1). The Configuration will default to Formset (2) - Tickets (3) - Configuration (4).




Three concepts are used in configuring conditionality:

(1) A configuration Rule which includes a Driving Field(s) and Controlled Field(s).

(2) Driving Fields which define under what conditions the Rule will be applied.

(3) Controlled Fields which represent the action performed when the Rule is applied.


A rule is required for each driving selection scenario. It is possible to use one Rule to expose several fields at once in a form-like pattern. 

Rules can also be used to cascade conditionality such that a Controlled Field can be used as a Driving Field.

While the primary use is for ticket fields, some basic conditionality is also supported for User and Org custom fields.

Conditionality works in the agent interface as a Zendesk App and in the end-user interface as embedded Javascript code in the Zendesk Guide.

Further Reading

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