Measuring Time for a Custom Concept using a set of Custom Field Option Values

Using the Performset extension module it is possible to measure the number of business hours a ticket spends while each of the option values for a specified custom ticket field drop-down is set.

This option is useful when a custom field is used to monitor the progress of a ticket as it passes through each of the steps in a process lifecycle or workflow, or when control is passed between different areas of responsibility.

The total hours spent in each option value is recorded in a custom field against the ticket (i.e. Hours in Option Value, where Option Value is the name given to each of the options in the Custom Field) and the values are displayed in the Performset Assistant in place of those for the System Status.


Once your Zendesk has been configured the custom field option values (1) are displayed in the Performset Assistant in place of the system ticket states along with a measurement of the total time spent while each option was set (2).

Create a Custom Drop-Down with the Values to be Measured


When configuring your setup to use a Custom Concept event measurement it is first necessary to create a custom drop-down ticket field (2) with the option values to be measured (3).

These are the values that will be displayed in the Performset Assistant and the Performset service will calculate the amount of time in business hours that each option value is set for a ticket.

So for example, the option values in the custom drop-down might represent the stages or steps in the workflow in operation as part of your Customer Support process, or the values might represent alternative departments or areas of responsibility involved in the processing of a ticket.


Having created a custom drop-down field with a set of option values it is possible to configure your setup to measure a Custom Concept (6) and select the custom field to be measured (7).

It is also possible to control when to start and stop measuring the number of business hours spent while each option value is set based on the ticket status.

So for example, it might be a requirement to pause measuring the number of business hours while the ticket is in control of the customer (Pending) or control has been passed to another department or third party (On-Hold). The measurement of business hours would be restarted if control is passed back to your support team (Open) and stop when the ticket has been solved.

Instructions describing the full procedure involved to switch on event time management can be found in the following article: Configuring the use of Event Time Measurement

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