Define the Scope of the SLA Measurements


1. Click on the Performset icon (1).

2. Select the Configure tab (2).

3. Select the Global page (3).


Once the events to be measured have been modelled it is necessary to determine which tickets should have performance measurements applied.

In many cases there will be a need for all tickets to be measured for performance measurement with the possibility of performing a different type of measurement for each Policy.

However, it is also sometimes the case that only a specific type of ticket should be placed under performance measurement, or there might be exceptions under which performance measurement shouldn't be applied.

Rules can be specified and additional configuration settings enabled to determine if, when and how performance measurement should be applied to tickets.

Full instructions explaining how to define and refine the scope of the Performset solution can be found in the following article: Adjusting the Scope of your SLA Setup

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