Specify Policies (Performset)

Accessing Policies

1. Click on Performset to open the screen (1).
2. Click on Configure tab (2).
3. Click on Policies (3).

Depending upon the nature of your business and that of the customers you are supporting, it might be sufficient to provide a single set of specifications in a single Policy for use against all tickets.

However, it might be necessary to create multiple Policies for use in alternative circumstances.

For example:

  • You might provide each of your customers a choice of different service levels, e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
  • You might agree an individual, specific service level for each of your customers
  • You might provide a different level of service depending upon the type of ticket or request

For each event in the model it is necessary to provide a label and description to display in the Performset Assistant and specify the amount of time allowed to complete the event.

If necessary this label can be different for each Policy to reflect an contract specific terminology you have in place with your customers.

It is often necessary to specify a different amount of time depending upon the Priority assigned to the ticket and in some cases there is a need to make use of a custom set of Priority Values.

At this point it is also necessary to determine the conditions (if any) under which each of your SLA Polices should be applied to your tickets and any exceptions under which SLA should not be a applied to a specific Policy.

See Creating and Maintaining Policies for full instructions on how to configure your Policies.

The Policy specifications are usually defined within any contractual agreements you have in place with your customers.

Your assigned Cloudset Consultant will need details of these contractual agreements to identify the full list of Policies and specifications.

*Note: there might also be a need to override the default business hours and holidays during which work will or will not take place to complete an event (see below).


Refine Policies


There might be certain rules or circumstances under which the default Business Hours and/or Holidays associated with the Region assigned to a ticket don't always apply.

For example a ticket with an urgent priority might be covered by 24x7 working hours, or support is provided during one or more public holidays.

Once all work has taken place to identify the full set of Business Hours and Holidays and the rules that determine which set to apply, it might be necessary to refine the Policies and adjust the Business Hours and Holidays accordingly.

See Creating and Maintaining Policies for full instruction on how to configure your Policies.

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