Apply Performance Measurement to your Tickets (Performset)

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Once all specifications have been identified and configured and your solution has been generated, it might be necessary to implement any additional rules that determine if performance measurement should be applied to a ticket and which if so Policy and which Region is assigned to each ticket.

The assignment of the appropriate Policy is generally carried out when the ticket is first created based on the organization associated with the submitter of the ticket and/or any additional business rules such as the type of ticket or alternative ticket classifications.

However, the Policy assignment might change if the information recorded against the ticket is updated and an alternative Policy selection rule or exception rule applies.


Configuring Policy Assignment Rules

1. Click on Performset icon (1).
2. Click on Configure tab (2).
3. Click on Policies (3).
4. Policy selection and exception rules can be configured to determine which Policy to assign to a ticket (4).
The rules to determine if a Policy should or shouldn't be applied are configured using the 'Policy tab' Performset Configuration tool (see Defining Policy Selection Rules and Defining Policy Exception Rules in the following article: Creating and Maintaining Policies - (Policies Tab)).

Global level exceptions might also have been defined to prevent assignment of performance measurement to tickets regardless of any specific Policy (see Enter any Global Exceptions in the following article: Adjusting the Scope of your SLA Setup).


Configuring Region Assignment Rules

Assigning Regions using Organization Data

If your setup makes use of a single Region then this will usually be applied to all tickets by the generated trigger named 'SLA3 Assign Default Region'.

However, if you make use of multiple alternative Regions it will further refine your configurations and depending upon your requirements, introduce some additional triggers to ensure the correct Region is assigned.

The following article provides a full explanation and instructions in the use of each available option: Working with Multiple Regions (Performset)

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