Monitor and Measure Performance in Views and Reports

The data recorded as part of your performance measurement solution and presented in the Performset Assistant can also be used within Zendesk views and Explore reports to monitor and measure your SLA Performance.

Depending upon the agreed scope and budget there might be a need to develop one or more views and reports as part of the initial setup and configuration.

The following SLA ticket fields are generated and maintained as part of the Performset extension and although generally hidden from view in the ticket forms, these fields are available for use in views and Explore reports, where event_name is the name associated with each of the events configured as part of the Performset setup:

  • SLA3 SLA - the Policy assigned to the ticket
  • SLA3 Region - the Region assigned to the ticket
  • SLA Next Event Name - the name of the next Event with timer that is still running (i.e. not paused, stopped, or finished)
  • SLA Next Event Timestamp - the due date/time of the next Event with a timer that is still running
  • SLA3 event_name By - the due date/time by when an event or task must have been completed
  • SLA3 event_name Measure - the assessment of the performance measurement made for the event, e.g. passed, warned, violated
  • SLA3 event_name PassCount - a count of the number of times a repeating event or task (e.g. a regular update) has been completed within the performance measurement
  • SLA3 event_name ViolationCount - a count of the number of times a repeating event or task failed to be completed within the performance measurement
  • SLA3 event_name PassDate - the date when the criteria was met to complete the event, which might be before or after the target date (e.g. the date when the first response was given)

For example SLA3 Respond Measure.


Monitor and Manage Tickets using the Performset Dashboard

  • Click on Performset icon (1).
  • Switch to Dashboard mode to monitor and manage all tickets subject to SLA measurement (2).

The Performset Dashboard provides an holistic view of all tickets with running event timers requiring agent action.

The dashboard can be used to identify which of your tickets should be worked on next, where there are potential bottlenecks that could be resolved by redistributing tickets evenly across all agents and the impact of one or more agents becoming unavailable.

A full explanation and instructions for use of the Performset Dashboard can be found in the following article: Introduction to the Performset Dashboard


Monitor performance measurement Performance using Views

  • Click on the button to display or hide columns (1).
  • The dark grey buttons indicate columns that are displayed (dark grey) or hidden (white) (2)

Using the fields generated and maintained by the Performset extension it is possible to create views to proactively monitor SLA's as in the example above.

These views can be grouped by SLA and sorted by due date/time to help to identify the order in which tickets should be processed to avoid violating the SLA for an event.

(See also Using the CloudSET Next SLA Breach Extension)


Measure performance measurement Data using Zendesk Explore


  • Click on the Performset icon (1).
  • Click on the Reports tab (2).
  • A minimised Performance chart is created (3).


  • Click on the '+' or '-' (4) to show or hide Performance Metrics (5).


  • A full set of Performance Metrics is displayed in this example (6).


  • Click on Display - Compact (7) to control the Size of the Organization Performance metrics (8).
  • Else, click on Display - Full for a full report of Organisation Performance (9)
  • For the Compact setting, enter the required number of data points (Size) (8), in this example five data points have been selected.


  • The Organization Metrics can be ordered: Worst-Best (as example), numerical order [n-0] or alphabetically (a-z) (10).

All fields generated by the the Performset extension will be available for use in Zendesk Explore reports and dashboards.

As shown in the example above the data within these fields can be used to measure the performance of your SLA's and report back to management and customers to confirm adherence to any contractual agreements.

The following article provides instructions explaining how to build an example performance measurement dashboard using Zendesk Explore: Building an Example SLA Performance Dashboard in Explore

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