Configure the Performset Reports

There are several default configurations available to customize the behaviour of the Performset Reports.

Accessing the Report Configurations


  • Click on the Performset icon (1).
  • Click on the Configure tab (2).
  • Select the Reporting page (3).
  • Click the General tab (4).

Setting the Performset Configurations

  • Select the General Tab (1).
  • Check boxes that are applicable to your process in the Standard Facets section (2).
  • Specify the Selector Window Height in the Facet Panel section (3).
  • Choose either None or Show report for the current agent only in the Agent defaults section (4).
  • Choose either Pass / Fail or Fulfilment in the Default Display Mode section (5).
  • Click on Save (6).
  • Click on Reports tab (1).
  • Select one of the three options (2).
  • If required, drag reports to re-order them (3).
  • Press Save when complete (4).


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