Define Non-Working Days (Performset)

Accessing Performset NonWorking Days


Accessing the Non-Working Days page

  • Click on Performset icon (1).
  • Click on the Configure tab (2).
  • Select Holidays page (3).



  • To add or rename a non-working day, select from the drop-down list or click on the Add or Rename button (1).
  • Add a description appropriate for the non-working day.
  • Click on the dates from the calendar (3). Press the Add button to add the day to the list (5).
  • The non-working dates will be displayed (6).
  • You can delete any days by check the box (7) and pressing the Delete button (5).


Holidays are used to specify individual days in the calendar when your agents will not be available to work on the completion of events (see Creating and Maintaining Non-Working Days).

These are not to be confused with Non-Working weekday specifications such as all Saturdays and Sundays (see Define Business Hours).

For example:

If the working hours have been defined as Monday to Friday, 9am thru 5pm, Friday 4th July has been specified as a holiday and the SLA for an initial response is 1hr:

  • If the ticket arrives at 4:30pm on Thursday 3rd July, then the initial response isn't required until 9:30am Monday 7th July
  • If the ticket arrives at 10am on Friday 4th July, then the initial response isn't required until 10am Monday 7th July

Depending upon the SLA contracts in place with each of your customers and the location of your agents it might be necessary to create multiple alternative sets of holidays.

For example:

  • You might have an agreement in place with some of your customers that agents will be available to respond and work on tickets 24x7x365 including all public holidays, whilst for others their SLA Policy covers 24x7x365 not including public holidays

By creating multiple sets of holidays these can be grouped together with a set of business hours and a time zone to create a Region to be assigned to tickets along with an Policy (see Specify Regional Timezones).

Alternatively a set of holidays can be used to override the Region default for a specific priority for a specific event within a specific Policy (see Specify SLA Policies above).

Specifying Business Hours during Holidays

Unless a holiday has been specified in this list it will be assumed that cover is provided during the Business Hours specified for the day upon which the holiday falls.

For example:

  • If the holiday falls on a Monday and the business hours for a Monday are specified as 9am thru 5pm, then it will be assumed that cover is provided during the public holiday between 9am and 5pm.
  • *Note: It isn't possible to define specific working hours during public holidays
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